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Magnum 5 Compactors

The McClain Magnum 5 Compactor has the size and power to handle industrial sized trash. It features a 90" wide hopper, to handle forklift and tilt hopper feeding. The Mag5 can be fitted with an optional hydraulic trash bin dumper, for better efficiency and ease of use. 

The Magnum 5 series compactors are versatile as well as powerful. They can also be ordered in extra heavy-duty models, for the ultimate in power and rugged construction.

The Magnum 5 can be ordered with an optional "Pre-Crusher" Unit. A hydraulically operated steel door lowers into the compacting chamber to concentrate the full force of the compacting ram to the trash. The door is then automatically raised, and the crushed items are then compacted into the receiver container on the next cycle. These pre-crusher units can crush and flatten steel drums, old wooden pallets, and even metal appliances, such as refrigerators or stoves, etc. 

McClain Compactors are noted for their strength, reliability, quality construction from prime steel, heavy duty hydraulic components, and of course safety in operation.


Hopper Capacity:  5 cubic yards (3.8 cu. mtr)
Hopper Opening: 60 in. x 90 in. (152.4 cm x 228.6 cm)
Length Compactor: 228 inches (579.2 cm)
Width Compactor:  82 inches (208.3 cm
Loading Height: 48.5 inches (123.2 cm)
Hydraulic Piston: 6 in. (15.24 cm), with 4.5 in. (11.43cm) connecting rod
Maximum Force: 56,500 lbs. (25,600 kg)
Cycle time: 42 seconds

20 HP at 1800 rpm, 230/460V/3/60, T.E.F.C.