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Magnum 3/4 Compactors

The McClain 3/4 Compactor is a durable and versatile machine that is often used in installations with limited space for a refuse compactor. A hopper extension can be configured to handle manual feeding, chute feeding, or even special requirements. A receiver container can be sized to make maximal use of the space available. The McClain Compactors are noted for their strength, reliability, quality construction from prime steel, heavy duty hydraulic components, and of course safety in operation.



Hopper Capacity:  1 cubic yards (0.8 cu. mtr)
Hopper Opening: 48 in. x 37 in. (121.9 cm x 94 cm)
Length Compactor: 102 inches (259 cm)
Width Compactor: 59 inches (149 cm)
Loading Height: 41 inches (121.9 cm)
Maximum Force: 25,100 lbs. (11,400 kg)
Cycle time: 55 seconds

5 HP at 1800 rpm, 230/460V/3/60, T.E.F.C.