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McClain Equipment Resource Library - Product Information Sheets

Over the years we collected brochures and product information sheets for many McClain products. We have posted them here for you in PDF format. Simply click on the appropriate cover to download the file.

McClain Stationary Compactors

McClain Magnum 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 Stationary Compactors

McClain Magnum II Series Stationary Compactors

McClain Magnum III and IV Series Stationary Compactors

McClain VI and VIII Series Stationary Compactors

McClain Portable Compactors

McClain Mini-Mag and Octamag Series Portable Compactors

McClain Octamag II D Series Portable Compactor / Dumper

McClain Containers and Boxes

McClain Front Loading Packer Boxes

McClain Bathtub Style Open Top Roll-Off Containers

McClain Closed Top Boxes

McClain Octagon Closed Top Boxes