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Consolidated Equipment, Corp.


Consolidated Equipment, Corp. 
Click for our Contact Info. Consolidated Equipment Corporation, is a leading equipment supplier to both the Waste Disposal and Recycling Industries since 1972. We also carry Materials Handling Equipment. We are a full service company oriented to a customer's needs, whether it be an "off-the-shelf" piece of equipment, an individualized installation requiring special modifications, or a full "turn-key" system integrated to the customer's operation. Consolidated has the experience and technology to structure a system to meet your individual needs. Our Service Department is capable of repairing and servicing most brands of equipment in addition to the brands that we carry.
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We are an innovative company and are always on the lookout for new and cost reducing ways to deal with materials management, in an integrated systems approach. We offer more than what can be covered in this brief profile. We are not ourselves a refuse hauler or recycler. We are an equipment company supplying the tools of the trade and therefore can offer the most objective recommendations. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss what we can do to help solve your problems, and reduce your costs of operations.

Our Five main categories of equipment are industrial Compactors, used predominantly for rubbish densification and disposal; Balers, used mostly in recycling; steel Containers of many sizes and configuration for handling and hauling bulk materials; Sorting Systems, used in most M.R.F.'s; and Super Compactors for loading Sea Vans (I.S.O. Containers) and all light weight aluminum trailers, or Transfer Stations. We also carry associated equipment, such as conveyers, shredders, shears, perforators, storage containers, glass crushers, can flatteners, hydraulic lifts, plastic bins, etc.
Our line of Materials Handling Equipment include pallet trucks, hand trucks, dollies, scissor lift tables, self dumping bins, tilt hoppers, small hydraulic cranes, and more.

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 Consolidated Equipment, Corp.
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