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Horizontal Balers Catalog   Consolidated offers a full range of baling equipment for any size of recycling operation. Here are just a few examples of what we offer, as baling equipment comes in many sizes and configurations to optimize it for your individual needs. Weather you need an "off-the-shelf" piece of equipment, or a full "turn key" automatic baler with conveyor feed, and sorting system, Consolidated has the experience and expertise to install a system that will optimize your production and profits, for years to come.
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American Open End Extrusion Series, Horizontal Balers
The American Open Ended horizontal baler series feature continuous bailing, designed to process a variety of fiber materials for moderate volume applications such as corrugated box plants, paper converters and printers.

American Wide Mouth Series, Horizontal Balers
The 'Wide Mouth' horizontal baler series range from moderate to large capacities. They feature continuous open end bailing, with the famous American Auto-Tie system. For bailing corrugated, newsprint, high-grade paper, plastics, and aluminum or steel cans. The "Wide Mouth" hopper can handle larger feed items.

American T-REX Series Horizontal Balers
The new T-REX series is the world's first fully functioning two-ram extrusion baler. For operations that require a very large feed opening (80" x 70") to process extremely large volumes of bulky recyclables, such as corrugated, yet also need to bale all grades of paper, plastics and light metals.

Features and Highlights of American Balers
American Baler has been responsible for nearly every major advance in horizontal baler development. Here are a few of their many innovative features.

Examples, Baler Installations
Example of Wide Mouth Horizontal Baler Installation
Consolidated Equipment has many years of experience installing many types of recycling operations and can provide valuable insight into matching the right equipment for a particular job.

Examples of Bales
Pictures showing examples of some different types of Bales.

The ECONOMY Downstroke Balers
The Economy Downstroke Vertical Baler is manufactured by the American Baler Company. The vertical style balers are popular in shopping centers, department stores, office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals, neighborhood recycling centers, or anywhere there is need to handle light to moderate amounts of recyclable materials.

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